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We specialize in the expedient handling of all bureaucratic documentation preparation and processing to relieve you of the inconvenience of making multiple payments & dealing with multiple lenders. Our expertise lies in processing of all Federal student loan documentation on behalf of the client, so that your personal situation is accommodated diligently and correctly.

No Upfront Fees!


Our processing managers are some of the best in the Industry. They have studied thousands of pages of the Department of Education paperwork as well as have spent months on the phone resolving any possible student loan question and scenario. We have reviewed thousands of files and have earned the right to say that we know the proper way of handling all educational paperwork, unlike anyone else.Our Processing Managers know who to call and what documentation to present on your behalf. We monitor your file month by month looking for new programs and alternatives that will benefit you. If you've ever tried dealing with the department of education you'll understand how important this is.


As an educator, I asked about a sometime called Teacher Forgiveness Program, through another company called American Education Something, I cannot remember their exact name… Anyway, I was told that I did not qualify and needed to continue making my $400+ monthly payment. Then I found National Student Loan Solutions. Jennifer Weidner informed me that not only did I qualify but they can significantly lower my payments. I thought this was a scam, and I was very hesitant to give out my personal information. Loans can be very confusing, and she helped me learn more by explaining to me the process. I looked up the information that Jennifer provided me and after 3 days, figured what the heck! This company has changed my life. Not only did they do what they said they could do, they continue to check up and make sure everything is OK. What an amazing service! Not only did she help me out but my wife, and another colleague as well. Thank you Jennifer Weidner.

Glenn S
February 2016

I'm ecstatic about working with Emily Ingrao to reduce my student loan debt. As my loans came out of forbearance, I started to worry about how I was going to pay them and support myself and my family. Thanks to Emily's help, my student loan debt was reduced to low monthly affordable payments that will allow me to pay back my loan and maintain a normal lifestyle. Emily, thank you!!

Shakyra S.
January 2016