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We specialize in the expedient handling of all bureaucratic documentation and processing to relieve you of the inconvenience of making multiple payments & dealing with multiple lenders. Our expertise lies in processing of all Federal student loan documentation on behalf of the client, so that your personal situation is accommodated diligently and correctly.

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Your Satisfaction is backed by our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Our processing managers are some of the best in the Industry. They have studied hundreds of pages of the Department of Education paperwork as well as have spent months on the phone resolving any possible student loan question and scenario. We have reviewed thousands of files and have earned the right to say that we know the proper way of handling all educational paperwork, unlike anyone else.Our Processing Managers know who to call and what documentation to present on your behalf. We monitor your file month by month looking for new programs and alternatives that will benefit you. If you've ever tried dealing with the department of education you'll understand how important this is.


Thank you for the help and support in consolidating my Federal Students Loan! The ease I felt knowing that your company was taking care of my information was releiving. Now that I have my new consolidated loan in order I can move on knowing that I received the help from all of you at nationwide processing center

Steve San Diego, CA
December 14, 2012

National Student Loan Solutions" thanks a million! When I called you I didn`t have a clue, I went from 6 payments past due down to one with your program! You took me from monthly payment of $633.00 to a new monthly payment of $163.00. Love you guys! Will be sure to tell everyone i know about the program!

Jennifer Phoenix, AZ
January 23, 2013